Monday, March 4, 2013

Keith Emerson Band

With a good assortment of talented progressive-rock heroes that inspire me, it seems only natural that I should go on a bit about composer & keyboardist extraordinaire, Keith Emerson. And in other blog posts, I'll surely mention ELP - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, but here I'd like to feature an amazing recent album by the Keith Emerson Band, with guitarist / vocalist Marc Bonilla.
   Among other reasons, this project is near & dear to my heart, since the cover art proudly displays my friend Roger Rossen's Hammond organ, sort of smoking and half-buried in a desolate, post-apocalyptic looking field... never looked better  :-)
   After years of continued growth and evolution, Emerson has been able to put out a prog album of impeccable musical richness - full of melodic, chordal, and rhythmic diversity. The songs are accessably catchy AND deliciously complex !
The collaboration with Marc Bonilla has turned out to be an inspired match. And so many of the quintessential Keith Emerson flavours are there throughout the project... almost as if Bonilla said, "now do all that Emerson stuff that you do ..." 
Great playing by all the musicians there ... and I have to say that my hands-down favourite piece is the undeniable f@#%ing tiger of a song, "The Art of Falling Down" !!! Dangerously cool rhythmic changes and a gritty bluesy feel to make even rockin' Led Zepplin fans yell, ohhh yeahhh !!
Look for the CD and the concert DVD "Live in Moscow" online .... at Amazon, etc.
Enjoy Keith Emerson music ! .. .  .   .    .     .      .        .         Pass It On  !!

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