Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lunartrax - poem posted to
( "Delusions and Grandeur" ) I've recently had a poem posted onto, one of the blog / websites of brilliant author / scholar D M Murdock / Acharya S.  I find that I regularly check this site ( and a few others ) to see some interesting 'off the beaten path' stories & reports that rarely surface in the mainstream media.  Many people have discovered that much of the day's real, honest & unbiased news can be found just about anywhere but the mainstream media sources !
  This poem is from the appendix section of my 'sc-songbook'- a project featuring the lyrics of 75 of my original songs, along with assorted personal illustrations and footnotes.
  It's funny to me that this rather deep and heavy bit of writing should be my first main post in cyberland - but a wide variety of other pieces are sure to follow !