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( "Delusions and Grandeur" ) I've recently had a poem posted onto, one of the blog / websites of brilliant author / scholar D M Murdock / Acharya S.  I find that I regularly check this site ( and a few others ) to see some interesting 'off the beaten path' stories & reports that rarely surface in the mainstream media.  Many people have discovered that much of the day's real, honest & unbiased news can be found just about anywhere but the mainstream media sources !
  This poem is from the appendix section of my 'sc-songbook'- a project featuring the lyrics of 75 of my original songs, along with assorted personal illustrations and footnotes.
  It's funny to me that this rather deep and heavy bit of writing should be my first main post in cyberland - but a wide variety of other pieces are sure to follow ! 
  This particular poem deals with my thoughts of organized religions & the versions of reality that they promote, and the juxtaposed reality that we modern humans observe. It was very much inspired by the many brilliant works of D M Murdock, as well as a book by Alan Watts, "The Book ( on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are )".
The poem has been entitled, "Delusions and Grandeur" and here I'll post the original songbook pages' text, as well as the images of the two related appendix pages... Enjoy !

* excerpt from the 'sc-songbook' appendix section :

"... Many kind and truly helpful people prefer not to question their
traditional beliefs, or where they came from.
But I think that free & inquisitive beings Question Authority.
Making something untouchable is exactly why it needs
to be "slapped upside the head." Rather than write several chapters
on this subject, I would like to offer this poem :

Steal the ancient symbols and the movements of the stars.
Sever the connection with this universe of ours.
Teach us we are separate - alive, then dead and gone.
Pretend we're not a part of this creation going on.
Offer us salvation, since you say we're born in sin.
On empty floor, construct a door, then kindly let us in.

Detailed myths personify the points that you would make.
Yet Hope & Love are virtues to be taught for their own sake.
Nature displays daily, Living Truth for all to see...
Far more vast and great than any human book could be.

As truth prevails, I find some tales to me are just too tall,
when really it's amazing that we're even here at all.
We marvel at the wondrous worlds that space & time allow,
in this holy place of ages - ever here and now.
Each dear face will leave this place, and be no longer here,
and find it odd they are the god that they were taught to fear."

© 2011 Steve Carlisle - Lunartrax

( artist's note on next page ) . . . 
" Some may find it a bit difficult to digest that poem's last line :
"... find it odd they are the god that they were taught to fear."
Understandable, if one is picturing the classic powerful yet benevolent
male authoritarian overlord with the beard & the doves & the heavenly
estate. Nor can we picture our multitude of morons being very god-like.
Words fall short. Too clumsy to say "..they are of the god-stuff..." in
an effort to convey the perennial notion that "All is God / God is All", or
John Lennon's line "I am He, as You are He, as You are Me, and We are
All Together." Surely, "God is Love," and death is a return home
to the heart of it all. Infinite points of view. Infinite Points of You.
It's so easy to forget that we are all and each equally sacred and One
with the intricate, immense, amazing surge that is the on-going creation
of this Living Universe. You are part of it. Yet you are taught to see
yourself as being separate from it... ever struggling against it...
ever engaged in the impossible scenario of Light eliminating Darkness...
Good finally winning over Evil, and Life conquering Death... when all are
merely spokes of the same wheel... necessary parts of the whole picture."

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