Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Works & Efforts of William Engdahl

  For anyone interested in trying to understand modern geo-politics, and the often complicated details of today's global headlines, I would strongly recommend that you look into the works & efforts of William Engdahl. 
  Author & GeoPolitical-Analyst F.William Engdahl offers an intriguing view into the financial & military-industrial activities of the world's controlling powers; exploring the powerful partnerships among the oil & banking industries and the government.
  Many articles and excerpts are viewable online, as well as many informative video clips and interviews of Mr.Engdahl. ( links & videos listed below )

At the very least, I suggest you visit his website :

  Greatly inspired by his book, "A Century of War", I wrote a song with that same name. A compelling history lesson of extreme importance, the reader discovers "the murky world of the Anglo-American Oil Industry and it's hidden role in World Politics." The song / music-video, which was produced as a piece for my Lunartrax recording projects, presents impressions from this and other Engdahl books, such as "Gods of Money" and "Full Spectrum Dominance."
  I am completely thrilled and quite honored that Mr. E. not only tolerated my tune, but actually enjoyed it well enough to feature it as an embedded video on his website !! His kind & encouraging words express his gratitude - but I insist that the honor is mine !   WATCH "CENTURY OF WAR" VIDEO

 His recent book, "Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars" is also well worth your investigation. Presenting thoroughly-referenced and concisely-stated tales of real modern-day power struggles, it brings the reader to the present era, and the increasingly obvious global agendas that surely affect us all.

  AND there is a lengthy discussion of one of the strangest of our modern myths, the notion of oil as a "fossil fuel." In 1994, at an international conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, geological scientist Professor V.A. Krayushkin of the Ukrainian Institute of Sciences in Kiev presented conclusive evidence that oil is, in fact, not from decayed biological remains, but is 'abiotic' in origin, and continues to be produced deep in the earth's mantle.
  This is intriguing information to be sure. OIL IS NOT A FOSSIL FUEL !! Please research this and share the info with others. 
     and Engdahl article:   Confessions of an "ex" Peak Oil Believer )

  In his preface to "A Century of War", Wiliiam Engdahl states that his book "seeks to shed light on some less known aspects of our history, in an effort to provoke thinking beyond the moment, beyond journalist embedded impressions of reality, or major media sound-byte versions of reality, to encourage ordinary citizens to reflect on longer-term consequences of what our governments do with our mandate. If it leads to some critical questions being asked, its aim will have been met." 

  Thank you, Mr. Engdahl, for your on-going efforts and informative works. May honesty, global co-operation, and peace somehow prevail !

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